We deal in a special kind of service. A service that involves not just manufacturing gift products but Also delivering an end to end service to our clients.

We are not only equipped with great products but also some amazing people,
People who have been in the Corporate Gifting business for 15 years. We cater to a wide range of customers which includes Ad agencies,
Established MNCs and some Fast - Growing Start-ups.
Gifting is just one part of what we do, we have been a pioneer in the label manufacturing business for 12 years. Our techniques involve - Digital Printing, Screen Printing and Flexo Printing.

Our Technique

Sheshu offers a wide verity of printing techniques to pick from. Subtle or bold, printed or embossed, these different styles of printing enable you to customize a product just the way you would like it. These techniques that include Brushing, Dyeing, Embossing, Laminating, Etching, Rubber printing and many more!

Our Products

Our products are carefully selected and passionately crafted by us. Presenting only tasteful unique products is inherent to our product development philosophy. We never aim to do thousands of products, we will keep our selection limited and add products that make sense to our customers from a brand ROI perspective.

Client Testmonial